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Higher education provides more opportunities

Published: 13 November 2012

Birgitta Salomonsson has worked as a physiotherapist for many years in the county. A key element for her has always been to develop and improve her specialty. Higher education and the desire to evolve has opened many doors to new and interesting working tasks.

- It is difficult to evaluate what makes me offered new assignments and tasks, but the formal skills have certainly been significant and it is also important for my own self-confidence. With higher education you lift your eyes higher and it gives you the curage to take the next step.

Birgitta Salomonsson entered the second course ever at LTU for physiotherapists. She took her degree in 1987 and got the job at Piteå Älvdal Hospital, where she worked as a physiotherapist on the stroke department.

The desire to continue to learn and improve herselves was always present, and when the opportunity was given, she studied more courses to specialize further and have full jurisdiction when she tutored students.

The possibilities emerge
Birgitta had a desire to read a Master's degree, but life with young children it had to wait for a few years. When her children grew up, she took a master's degree in December 2010 by taking courses at both the LTU and Umeå university. In March the same year she got an exciting job request.
- You should not feel that you missed the train if you are at home with young children and everyone else go on to further studies and get exciting missions. For various reasons, you may need to wait and there will always be new opportunities if you are eager to improve yourselves and do further studies. I am 50 plus and it happens things anyway, the opportunities will not run out.

To demonstrate her interest in further education and the willingness to take on new assignments has given her the opportunity to work as a project manager with the merge of the surgical and the medical clinic, develop the stroke unit and create an acute geriatric department in medicine and rehab clinic at Piteå Älvdalsvägen hospital.
- They saw that I had the ambition to develop and become better, but I also think it's about the formal competence.

Development Manager for the largest investment
Birgitta has just started a new job as a development manager for "A better life for sick elderly", which is the largest investment made in Sweden for the elderly. Birgitta was asked to take on the mission that extends from 2012 to 2014.
- It is very exciting to take on this mission. I now have a permanent position as development manager for the health department, where there is always areas to develop. I have worked many years on the floor and created a wide network, and it makes things much easier.

In the spring starts the new master's program in nursing at LTU and Birgitta think it's a wonderful chance to get a higher education.
- It provides an opportunity for professional development and new missions and directions in your working career.