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Tailor-made education for future Data Scientists

Published: 21 September 2019

The university has started a new programme in Data Science with focus on big data. The education is open for students from both Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world. Ahmed Elragal, Professor of Informaton Systems, is the the coordinator of the programme.

Data Science – what is the programme about?

– Our new Data Science programme focuses on hot and timely topics such as big data, machine learning, and the data analytics in general. The programme aims at developing statistical, decisional, and analytical skills and at equipping the candidates with hands-on skills in various courses in order to solve business problems, innovate, support digitalization, and monetization. The programme prepares candidates to become data scientists and analysts ready to pursuing careers in both private and public sectors.

In what courses will the students meet you?

– The programme consists of six courses, plus thesis. Out of which, I will be teaching the Business Intelligence course. Also, supervising thesis in data science. 

What do you want the students to learn from your classes?

– In the Business Intelligence course, they will learn the business intelligence roadmap, how decisions are being made in organizations, big data, the enterprise data warehouse and how to manage a business intelligence project.

Why should one study Data Science at Luleå University of Technology?

– As a matter of fact, the programme at Luleå University of technology is characterized by being tailor-made form of education. That is, the programme, via its flexibility and blended offering of in-class and online, supports such strategic orientation towards tailor-made education. Added to that, the program offers opportunity for those who want to pursue life-long learning. We design the program so as to act as a forum to link us to industrial partners.

Why is this programme important?

– There is a problem with talent shortening, locally, regionally and globally. That is, the demand for data scientists grows quickly, far overtaking the growth in supply. Globally, demand for data scientists is projected to exceed supply by more than 50% in 2018. Meanwhile, fewer than one-third of US & Top 100 Global Universities offer degrees in data science. Added to that, we have undertaken a quick survey to investigate and results reveal that such type of education is scarce. On the other hand, the data center industry is picking up in Norrbotten and the data science program is considered to be a top-up service to such industry.

What can students expect from this program?

– Actually there is an increasing demand for data scientists, who have the knowledge and skills to manage and analyze enormous amounts of data. Graduates of this program will have a combination of knowledge and skills in data science, analysis and management that will prepare them to comprehend, process and manage big data efficiently.


Ahmed Elragal

Ahmed Elragal, Professor

Phone: +46 (0)920 493670
Organisation: Information systems, Digital Services and Systems, Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering