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Occupational Therapy Students measure muscle activity during computer work.

Occupational Therapy has most applicant in the country

Published: 7 May 2013

Since the distance education began in 2003, the number of applicants this year is taken all records, both in the number of first-choice applicants and the total number of applicants.

A duplication of first-choice applicants have occured the last past four years. The figure was about 70 compared with this years 138 first-choise applicants.
The Occupational Therapy program at LTU has the most first-choice applicants across the country, even more than the universities in metropolitan areas.
- We have 20 more first-choice applicants than The university of Lund, who came in second place and it's really great, says program director Maria Larsson Lund.

Although the overall number of applicants has increased sharply over the past three years. Four years ago, the search rate was 348 and now 645 have shown an interest in the program. In three years, the number has doubled and since last year the number of applications increased by 50 percent.

Maria Larsson Lund believes the increase is due to the occupational therapist is an attractive profession with many choices on the market. The knowledge of activities importance to our health and the interaction between the individual, the task and environment are demanded by a growing group of employers.

- We where the only Occupational Therapis programme in Sweden who was rated to have Very high quality  from the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education. We are also the only program in the country that provided remotely with flexible teaching methods.