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Employers request Motivational interviewing

Published: 9 February 2015

Motivational Interviewing is a person-centered method that is increasingly valued by the employers. Luleå University of Technology is the only occupational therapy program in Sweden that offers college credits in the call method.

In the occupational therapy program, all students get a basic knowledge of Motivational Interviewing, MI, in relation to health advisory calls. Those who want to extend their knowledge can choose the course MI as a altervativ in semester six.

– In  job ads, we can clearly see an advantage to have knowledge in MI. It is something that employers value, says lecturer Carina Karlsson. She is one of eight people in northern Sweden that has undergone training to teach MI with good quality.

Motivational Interviewing, MI, can be used as a sole intervention or as a complement to the various forms of support, counseling, treatment and rehabilitation. The method has its origins in research and clinical work based on what has proven to work best to increase motivation to change. The American Professor William R. Miller and his colleague, psychologist Stephen Rollnick developed the methodology at the University of New Mexico, USA. Motivational interviewing is a person-centered, responsive while guiding method based on the knowledge that all effective and long-term change based on client self-involved and active.

The course is given for 10 weeks at half speed, and this day they practice talking to people in change. In the classroom, the pairs take turns being the client and the counselor.