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Photo: Erica Lång
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"Wake up when the lesson starts"

Published: 15 March 2016

Ikran Abdirahman, Uppsala, googled the occupational therapist profession and everything fell into place. Later that day she applied to the program. She feels a great support from the teachers and thinks the courses are exciting and interesting.

Hi, who are you?

– My name Ikran Abdirahman and I´m 27 years old, lives in Uppsala and has worked as a personal assistant for nearly seven years. I have previously studied at Södertörn University and Uppsala University.

Why have you chosen to study the occupational therapist programme at Luleå University of Technology?

– For many years, I expressed to my relatives that I wanted a job that focused on helping individuals to cope with their daily lives, despite their "limits". However, it took me seven years to realize that I actually was describing an occupational therapist profession. It was a friend of mine who said that I described a occupational therapists work. At once I started googling about the profession and later in the day I applied to the program. I felt an AHA moment when everything fell into place and it was a fantastic feeling. However, I wanted to study in Uppsala, but the programme was not available. I decided that I wanted to remote studies and that is why my choice fell on Luleå University of Technology, who has the best occupational therapy program in the country.

What attracts you to the occupational therapist work?

– It is the opportunity to work with people and be able to influence people's ability to be a part of their own lives. The profession's focus is what is important for the individual, it is the starting point and the goal.

What is it like to do remote studies?

– It's so convenient. The best is the fact that I can attend classes from home. Many times I wake up 10 minutes before the lecture. Then I just have to turn on the coffee machine and the computer and I´m all set.

What's most fun with the programme?

– The courses and the teachers are fantastic. It is so interesting and exciting, my interest has never faded. In my earlier studies I have in some courses felt how boring they were, but I can happily say that I have not felt this way during my current studies.

What is most challenging?

– Planning. Too much freedom can result in you not put as much time as they need in school.

How would you describe the weeks at the university?

– Intense, but great fun. During the week I try to graze as much as possible, for example we have the opportunity to work face to face with our classmates. It is so much fun to meet all the classmates, and my class is absolutely wonderful. I always leave Lulea with smile.

How is it to study at Luleå University of Technology?

– Very nice and safe. I actually think it the best thing with Luleå University of Technology is all the support we get. The teachers are nice and very involved. I have not experience that before. We have great support and they do not throw lots of information on us and let us navigate the chaos ourselves. I really appreciated that.

What will you do after graduation?

– I want to work either in psychiatry or child habilitation. There are so many different directions I could choose, the world is my oyster, so to speak. Right now I focus on learning about the profession.