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Lotten blogs from Hanoi

Published: 25 August 2014

Lotten Gustafsson studies on the physiotherapy program and is going to Hanoi, Vietnam, to write her last essay. She will observe how physical therapists works with children with lung diseases.
- It feels great, but also a little scary because lung disease is the third leading cause of death for children.

Lotten Gustafsson took the opportunity to apply for a scholarship from Minor field studies. During ten weeks will she gather information for her essay in a developing country. She previously lived in Switzerland as an au pair for a year and was not at all averse to gain more experiences from abroad. From August 30 to November 8, she will do her field study at Vinmec International Hospital in Hanoi.
- This is a great way to travel, without taking a break in my studies.

Malin Henriksson, international coordinator at HLV, helped Lotten with all the travel arrangements. She has previously been to the same place and her experiences made Lotten feel more comfortable going there on her own.

- I have heard that the people are nice, but I try not to have any expectations at all. Students, who previously have made field studies, say it is never as they expected at all. Some have come back and written about something completely different than they planed before they left.

She will regularly blog about their experiences and post pictures.
- The blog will act like a chanel for me to write about my experiences. Since I'm a such a photo Geek, there will also be a lot of pictures, laughs Lotten.