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Clinical education in Australia

Published: 19 March 2018

Physiotherapist student Frida Johansson chose to do her clinical education in Australia. For two weeks she was in a multidisciplinary clinic where she gained experience from several professions.

– "Seeing and learning" is a very good saying. I learned a lot in these two weeks, thanks to the individuals working at the clinic, their great knowledge in the integrated health approach and that they were willing to teach me, says Frida Johansson, who is now studying semester six at the physiotherapist program at Luleå University of Technology.

In half of her life, Frida Johansson has visited other countries, both for vacation and for work or education. When she realized that there was an opportunity to place the clinical education abroad, she started the process of going as a Free Mover.

The trip was made in semester five when she spent two weeks at a multidisciplinary clinic in the private sector in Perth, Australia. Multidisciplinary means that there are several professions at the clinic.

High pace at the clinic

The days at the clinic started at 6.30 and there were intense hours from start to finish. The employees work at a high pace with a constant flow of patients during the day and Frida circulated between walking alongside a chiropractor, physiotherapist and sports physiologist.

When she followed the chiropractor, she learned about different types of manipulations. By the clinic's sports physiologist, who works with similar rehabilitation and practicing everyday working ability, she got many ideas on new exercises, evaluation tools and ways of thinking about different functional movements in exercise and everyday life.

– When I followed the physiotherapist, I got to work more hands-on on clients and I tested some treatment tools that he is working on daily. Fridays were a bit calmer and sometimes there was time for me and my supervisor to take a coffee and reflect on my experiences at the clinic.

Experienced traveler

Frida Johansson is used to traveling on her own outside Sweden. For her, traveling is a way to develop as a human being, get a chance to get to know new people and other cultures, see exciting places and fulfil dreams.
– Traveling means that you often set yourself outside of your comfort zone. You are faced with unforeseen things, you have to train to be your own best friend and you have to develop a whole lot of different personality traits.

As a traveller, she recommends to review the budget so that it also covers unpredictable events, check visa rules for the country, valid passport, any supplementary insurance and fix an accommodation on arrival. Depending on travel destinations, telephone number to the Swedish Embassy in the country may also be handy.
– Then just buy a ticket, wait for your departure date and enjoy the trip. I think you should take the opportunity to travel then you get the chance. The best education I receive is then I travel on my own outside Sweden's borders, says Frida Johansson.