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Meet teacher Carina Vikström

Published: 8 February 2016

Hey who are you?

– My name is Carina Wikstrom and have since one year worked as a teacher at the Department of Health Sciences. I have worked as a registered nurse for about 7 years. Then I studied Specialist Nursing, Theatre Care and have worked as a specialis nurse up til a year ago. Then the opportunity came to work as a teacher in the nursing program.

The program Specialist Nursing, Theatre Care is a remote programme, which starts in autumn 2016. What do you think about the initiative?

– Very good! As most may know, the need for specialized nurses is huge, not least in the theatre care, which is of course close to my heart.

What are your expectations for the program start?

– That as many as possible who are interested in theater care will take the opportunity to continue their education.

You have worked in theater care. How would you describe the occupation?

– It is a very interesting and fun profession. Working in teams and plan operations with the patients best in mind, both in acute situations as well as planned, means that the days are never the same.

What is the best thing about the profession?

– When working in theatre care you have the advantage to provide 100 percent focus to one patient at a time. Working in teams makes it even more fun. It is a varied profession, where you always have the opportunity to evolve and learn new things.

What is the challenge in the profession?

– To constantly be well prepared for surgery, both in terms of technical aids, instruments and assist in operations so that interventions, treatments or examinations can be performed in an efficient and patient safety way.

You will be working as a teacher in the programme. How are you as a teacher?

– Perhaps the students should answer that question. Engaged, I hope to inspire students to self-development in their future profession, get to share their knowledge and arouse interest in the profession.

What attracted you to teaching?

– I have always appreciated the meetings with students when I worked as a nurse and tutored students in their clinical training. It is a way to challenge oneself to be able to impart knowledge and inspire students to become independent nurses.

What is is like to be a teacher at a remote programme?

– It requires careful planning, to have clear study guides that allow independent studies.

Who do you think should apply to the programme?

– The ones who are interested in working in teams and have interest in various occurring surgeries. But also in his or her work seek accuracy and are both willing and able to take responsibility.


Carina Vikström

Carina Vikström, Lecturer

Phone: +46 (0)920 492960
Organisation: Nursing, Nursing and Medical Technology, Department of Health, Education and Technology