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More about Specialist Nurse specializing psychiatric care

Published: 8 March 2011

The focus of training is the individual needs of people with mental illness and how you as a specialist trained nurses can meet those needs for health promotion, respond to and alleviate suffering. As a nurse specialist with a specialization in psychiatry you have with your nursing skills is an important and unique role in the care of people with mental illness.

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Specialist training involves a specialization in nursing, in preparation for leading and developing nursing care in psychiatric care and increased knowledge about psychiatric conditions and treatments. Your specialist nursing leading to a vocational qualification at advanced level and may also involve a master's degree.

The training you will meet teachers who are nurses with experience and specialized training in psychiatric care research in psychiatric nursing, and teacher and guest speakers with experience and expertise in various fields. The teaching is great emphasis on critical reflection and independent learning experiences, both individually and in groups. For that education must be perceived as motivating, inspiring and useful, we strive constantly to integrate theory and practice in both teaching and examination, for example by linking theoretical knowledge to the teachers 'and students' experiences and work with cases.

Department of Health has conducted training at a distance of more than twenty years. This means we have great experience in adapting instruction to the specific requirements that this imposes. Our ambition is to offer you flexibility without lowering the requirements and level of ambition in education. That the education provided at a distance allowing you to plan your studies, especially during the first two terms when the studies are conducted at half speed. During the last semester you get a full-time translating and deepen the skills you acquired during your previous semesters through practical training and thesis work. Communication with fellow students and teachers is done through various forms of computer-based webverktyg. You must have access to broadband and a computer equipment with webcam and headset.

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