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Practicing structured communication in health care

Published: 22 December 2016

Nursing students at Luleå University of Technology and medical students at the regional programme at the University of Umeå practice together for the first time structured communication to enhance patient safety. The model used is called SBAR.

– When all using the same structure the communication will be time efficient and safe for the patient. It is a great tool and should be practiced continuously, says Ida-Maria Lundin Nordqvist, student in the Nursing program.

The SBAR model provide the communication with the basic conditions for a safe care. The way of communicating minimize  the risks of forgotten or misinterpreted information, and in the long run reduces the risk of health damage.

– I see this exercise as an important collaboration between the two programs. It's good that they practice their communication in a structured and properly way in the education because they will communicate with each other in their future professions, says Malin Olsson, education leaders in the nursing program.

It is the first time a joint exercises is held between the different programs, but in the future it will be carried out regularly in the course Management and development of nursing. During the exercise, students practice with a defined structure for communication and information transfer with be conducted.

During the day, Asa Engstrom, Chaired professor in Nursing, acted the patient Magnus, 23 years old, who had pain in the stomach.

– It is important that students from different programs work together on their ability to communicate with each other, which observations and recommendations that are important to report and what terminology is used and the order in which it is described. It is good to be the so I can see what is being done well and what could be improved.

One of the medical students was Per Stenlund, student at the regional medical program at the University of Umeå. He was also in favor of the joint exercise with the SBAR.

– It is an effective and structured way to commnunicate which provides preparation for the patient situation at issue. The model should be used to a greater extent in the education.