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Internship endured with outdoor activities

Published: 27 June 2017

Five nursing students chose to do their last clinical education together at Kiruna Hospital. The days at the different departments were varied with outdoor activities on snow-covered mountains.

– To live together with the closest friends and have access to an outdoor life in the beautiful countryside was a fun way to en our studies, says Kristoffer Börjesson, Luleå.

"By far the best nature"

The guys come from different parts of the country and met on the Nursing programme. Soon they became good friends and decided to finish the education by creating a good memory together.

It was not as easy as they thought mixing the clinical work with the ourdoor life as they work different hours and had some studies left to finish, but they manage to find days to get out and enjoy the nature.

– This is by far the best nature. It is so beautiful when you look out over the city and nature from high peaks, says Anver Guluzada, Stockholm.

– I love the long winter season, which has in recent years made me discover skiing. Norrland offers a wide range of different trails, different slopes and a whole mountain world, says Jama Shide, Luleå.

Nature around the corner

In Kiruna everything is close and therefore, Kiruna Hospital became the natural choice. It is a smaller hospital with a welcoming atmosphere and the nature just around the corner.

– I was very pleased because the staff are helpful and we got he chance to take more responsibility and grow in our professional roles. In the medical department, there are quite mixed diseases in the patients, which are developing and instructive, says Mikael Jonsson, Vännäs.

The reasons for applying for the nursing program at Luleå University of Technology were many and different. Mikael Jonsson, Vännäsby, was attracted by the winter and nature.
– I wanted to get away from home and in Luleå there are good opportunities for various sports such as skiing, hiking and fishing.

Reflects on its value base

The guys are very pleased with the Nursing programme at Luleå University of Technology and on the question about what they think is best with the programme they answer:

– The education makes people develop as the courses makes one reflect on ones value base, says Jama Shide.
– There is also a clear link to clinical work through the clinical education. The teachers are also knowledgeable and motivating, says Mikael Jonsson.

University of Luleå is Scandinavia's northernmost technical university and has carried out nurse programme for 18 years. In the spring of 2017, 60 nurses were examined and Jama Shide was one of them.

– It has been nice to study at Luleå University of Technology. The university offers a quiet and safe atmosphere to study. In addition, the university is close to the city and it is nice to easily get in for lunches.