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Tanja Pekkala
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She visits both the Faroe Islands and Greenland

Published: 25 June 2019

Tanja Pekkala doing internships in the Faroe Islands and Greenland while attending nursing education at Luleå University of Technology.
– It is fun and interesting to meet the local people and to see the culture in health care, she says.

She has just finished the fourth semester. She has already been to the Faroe Islands and Greenland will she visit during the summer.

– We could search for internships in the Nordic countries and I have not been to the Faroe Islands. My aunt had been there and she recommended it. When the chance came I searched four weeks of practice there, says Tanja Pekkala.

The language is Faroese, but since the country belongs to Denmark, everyone have read Danish in school.

– I worked at a Retirement Home in Tórshavn and they talked so that I would understand, they spoke a kind of Danish-Scandinavian, myself I spoke Swedish and learned some Faroese words and phrases. Even those who were demented could switch to Danish. And much can be communicated with body language as well, she says.

There were rooms for students near the hospital. There lived several students from Denmark who were also on internships.

Previously, she has worked in elderly homes on her home town, Junosuando. She thinks there were differences in the Faroe Islands.

– The nurses were closer to the patients, they were more involved in the nursing. The journal systems were not yet digitized, but it would also be introduced there.

In addition, people were nice, hospitable and wanted to invite local food.

– I have eaten Whale.

She also took the opportunity to go around a little on the islands.

– Nature is beautiful there are no forests.

This summer she goes to Greenland on a ten-day course.

– I have received a scholarship. Other participants are from Greenland, Canada, Norway, Finland and Russia. We will make study visits and, among other things, talk about accessibility in healthcare. It's a bit like up here, with long distances.

She wants to recommend other students to apply for internships abroad.

– It's worth the trip. Take the opportunity when you have the opportunity, says Tanja Pekkala.


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