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Programme Board - Nursing programme

Published: 20 January 2012

Program Council's tasks is to contribute to long-term development of programs with respect to the development and needs of the labor market. The program committee will also work to ensure that the program is attractive to students.

Representatives of the Programme Board are: External representatives, alumni, student representatives, teacher representatives and program coordinators.

If unable to attend the meeting appoints Representative himself replacement.

External representatives

  • Kerstin Rahokla, Region Norrbotten
  • Susanne Andersson, Region Norrbotten
  • Elsa Lethonen, Region Norrbotten
  • Gabriella Sjöström, verksamhetschef, Luleå kommun
  • , Luleå kommun
  • Eva Almevall, Luleå kommun

Student representatives

  • One representative of each semester in the nursing program

Learning Representatives

  • Carina Lomgren, Division of Nursing Care, Nursing programme, Luleå University of Technology

Education Leaders

Student counselor