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More about Nursing

Published: 8 March 2011

The training of nurses consists of theoretical and clinical courses. The subject of care is the main area of ​​education and it provides both theoretical and practical knowledge. Other topics in education are courses in subjects under medical science and behavioral science. Work placement (placement) is in the form of laboratory experiments, field studies, practice exercises and work-based courses.

The work-based courses are within municipal care and outpatient and inpatient care. During her studies there to pursue some of the practical training abroad. Your nursing leading to a professional with a bachelor's degree in the subject of nursing.

Luleå University of Technology, you can choose to study scheduled or remotely. The program's fall enrollment is implemented as regular education, which means that all teaching is done on campus. Our commissioning can be as distance education, which means about 4-5 collection times / semester on campus. Each collection point can cover 1-5 days, depending on the course content. When distance learning is communication with fellow students and teachers through various forms of computer-based web tool and you must therefore have access to broadband and a computer equipment with webcam and headset.

Working as a nurse

For those who want to work with people and human health / illness is nursing a way to get an interesting and varied career. Few occupations can offer such a breadth of nursing. Nurses have an important role in providing good care in all stages of life. You can work as a nurse in the county, municipality, state or private activities. The Swedish education in line with EU requirements for nursing education. No matter which European country you choose to live in, you as a registered nurse excellent opportunities to get a job.

Exercise of Nursing aims to help and support a person and their family in their daily lives, which means to strengthen and help people maintain and regain health, prevent disease, reduce suffering and allow for a dignified death. It is the nurse who leads nursing and is responsible for the organization to best effect. The work includes planning, evaluating and monitoring the care efforts with patients, relatives and colleagues. Nurse's work to be regardless of activity and form of care is characterized by an ethical approach based on science and proven experience, and performed in accordance with applicable regulations and other guidelines.

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