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Students honored during the Islossningen ceremony

Published: 27 January 2016

In January, the annual ceremony Islossningen was held annual where students who graduated are honored . During the evening brooch, diplomas, scholarships and awards were handed out to students from the programs in radiographer, physiotherapist and nurse.

During the evening 68 students and 300 guests were gathered to take part in the ceremony. The introductory speech was given by the Vice Rector Erik Höglund, who then handed over to Carl Johan Granqvist, Chairman of Luleå Student Union.

Johan Kruse, education leader of the programme radiographer, Lars Nyberg, Chaired Professor in physiotherapy, and Malin Olsson, education director of the nursing program, then kept acceptance speech to their students.

Prices for the best thesis

From the programme in radiology got Ewa-Marie Lindgren and Maria Rotstedt the prize for their work "Factors affecting the implementation of trauma studies with computed tomography - A literature review".

"A well-written thesis in which the authors have shown great independence and a good ability to absorb the feedback they received during the writing process. They have achieved a thesis that has a clear clinical application in an area that lacks resembled literature reviews. The thesis has a good position to gain importance for both colleagues and those undergoing CT scans during major emergencies. "

Linnea Dahlin and Linnea Engqvist, students from the physiotherapy program, received the prize for the work ”Unhealthy health behavior among young adults - A survey”.

For a job well done at a high academic level within a current topic in the public debate and from a clearly physiotherapist perspective.

Asa Hagkvist and Bellami Maier Chávez from the nursing wrote the thesis "Women's experiences of living with ovarian cancer."

The work is well done and clearly grounded in research on nursing. It describes a problem that is important in nursing.

Awarding of scholarships

Lecturer Örjan Lestander also awarded a scholarship from Boel Nordenström's memorial fund to the best nursing student. The prize went to Nils-Ola Ripfjäll, who has been appointed by the students as the best fellow student.

Lecturer Carina Lomgren presented a scholarship from Gustav Jansson Memorial Fund to the best nursing student appointed by the teachers on the program. Henrika Sandlund received the scholarship on stage.