"Master of Business Administration program provides great opportunities"

Published: 6 October 2014

Amer Alramahi studied business administration at Luleå University of Technology in 2008-2012. Today he works as an accountant at PricewatherhouseCoopers (PwC).

How did you do to get the job you have today?

- I was contacted by a PwC recruiter. This recruiter thought that I as an individual would fit well into the company's environment. I had to perform some tests and go on interviews, the rest is history.

Did you get a job immediately after graduation?

- I got the job 2 months before I finished my studies. When I finished my studies in June 2012 I was able to enjoy the summer holidays, and yearn to be able to start work within the audit.

What is the best thing about your job?

- The best thing about my job is the colleagues I work with and to get the most out of the knowledge that they possess and share with you the knowledge I've collected during my time at PwC.

What in your career are you particularly proud of?

- That I can be proud of is the development I experience, it's a constant evolution. The feeling of being able to apply my knowledge becomes something extraordinary.

When you look back on your training, what was the most important thing you learned?

- The most important thing I learned from studying at LTU was the curiosity I had for the various courses I took note of. This curiosity led me to dare to question, dare to think outside the box, that I have taken  with me and apply in my everyday life.

How did you find your time at Luleå University?

- As a new student to be thrown into a new environment, new faces and new ideas are created. This mynnas out to security, a security where impressions are more for the living and the knowledge it obtains built at all after the years go by. This process is one that reflects the work and my time at LTU prepared me for working life. My time at university has not ended, it lives on in the work and I feel it is still in the form of a security today.

Do you have any tips for those who are looking to read an MBA?

- Master of Business Administration program is a program that provides ample opportunities to apply for various jobs. The width of the job is great and after a few years of working life there are a lot of career prospects for those reading the MBA program.