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Photo: Ida Johansson
Elin Johansson calls herself Elin Evelina as an artist. Photo: Ida Johansson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Debuting with superhuman single

Published: 8 May 2020

Elin Johansson, a student at the Higher Education Diploma Programme as recording/performing artist program, is releasing her debut single Human on Spotify. A song inspired by complicated relationships and the Spider Man.

− The song is to a large extent based on the replica "I'm only human, punch me and i'll bleed" from Spider man 2. At the time it was something I could relate to and the rest of the text just fell into place, says Elin Johansson or Elin Evelina whom she calls her musical alter ego. The new single is available on the streaming site on Friday, May 8, something she is obviously looking forward to.

− It feels so much fun! I myself think the song is very good and very proud of it.

Guitar-based pop music

Elin Johansson describes the upcoming debut single as a guitar pop with human elements.

− We have used a lot of percussion that is done with the mouth together with voices that create a buzz in the chorus.

Elin, who originally comes from Vänersborg, moved to Piteå to study almost two years ago. That it was the music she was to devote to, however, was far from obvious.

− For a long time the dream was to become a police officer but for a few years now songwriting has taken over and now there is no doubt what is the dream profession anymore, says Elin Johansson, and says that the soon completed music education will not be the end of her academic career.

− In the fall I will study as a physiotherapist. The music industry is tough and therefore it feels good to have something else to fall back on if I can't support myself as an artist.

Can focus on the music

But first, the aspiring artist will finish her studies at the Luleå University of Technology's School of Music, and with just over a month left for the degree, Elin Johansson can begin to finish the accounts.

− I really enjoy it! You get a lot of time to focus on your music creation while giving you the chance to bounce ideas with experienced teachers. For those who really want to devote themselves to music and songwriting, there is no better education.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to apply for the program?

− Take the time and make the best of it. You have every opportunity in education whether it is recording or finding contacts that will help you move forward.

The debut single Human will participate in the music competition P4 Nästa this summer.