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Student Collaboration behind the sports gala in Piteå

Published: 8 February 2013

For five weeks, students from Experience Production and Media Design at Luleå University of Technology worked to on behalf of Piteå Municipality, Norrbotten sports and Communications at Piteå municipality to create a concept around Norrbotten sports gala 2013.

The assignment was to develop concepts for selected parts of the gala, to be held in Piteå later this spring, and to create a successful and memorable event. After the customer at the beginning of december presented the assignment, the students worked in creative workshops, tutorials, and had talks with the clients to ensure ideas and received feedback in order to further develop their ideas.

- I hope that we can take with us some of the ideas and actually implement them later this spring, says Elisabeth Hellmer, lecturer Experience Production

Creative meetings

At the presentation there was a great feeling in the university studio where clients and students met.

- I thought it was great fun. It was good with clear instructions before about our different roles in the project. It became a real-world project in such a way, because there's often meet people with different skills, which we did here, says Elisabeth Hansson, Student Experience Production.

Professional Students

The client was satisfied and describe student performance equivalent to professional agencies.. In addition, they were also impressed that the students had taken a new approach and come up with such varied suggestions for the gala can be developed, both before, during and after.

- I thought we had a good working relationship where we had respect for each different skills, says Britt Lindberg Student Experience Production.

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