Malin Lysmo

"The most fun is to challenge myself"

Published: 20 February 2014

Malin Lysmo studies 1st year at Media Design. She is 21 years old and comes from Eslöv in Skåne.

Hey there, who are you?

- I am a girl who is always checking out the details and find it difficult to choose which tea I buy at the grocery store just because the packaging is so lovely. I like to go my own way and try to get out as much as possible of everything. When things doesn't turn out the way I want and it's worth fighting for, I usually say that "everything is possible if you want it bad enough!"

Why are you reading media design?

- I'm studying Media Design because it's my thing. I like to create things and do them in a different way or my way. I studied media in high school and liked it very much so I wanted to learn more. You get so much in one package: meet people, be artistic and above all – be creative in different ways and there are so many different careers in the subject.

What's the most fun with your education?

- Right now, I think the most fun is to challenge myself in the different courses we have. There are so many things I had not thought of before one is asked to think about them now. One should try and see what you want to learn more and when you know it is done the training to exactly what you feel like. You just have to decide to do your best.

What is the hardest?

- The hardest thing is probably to be able to see what you want with the studies. This education is broad and as I said, do it the way you want and it can be difficult to know what one wants. One must be able to tell yourself before you start a course what you want to learn and then make sure that you learn it. If the teachers doesn't include it in the course you simply just ask, they always answer.

What is it like to study at LUT?

- I have not studied at another university before so I do not have a lot to compare with but I think it's good. It is demanding, but it should be I think. You get many and great opportunities for the most part. When I applied to LUT, I was extra happy because I got such a friendly reception. They rang up everyone who was accepted and they responded quickly to emails if they had questions. I thought felt very safe because I was moving here from very far away.

What does the students will in thair spare time?

- There are many different things to do. Sometimes we just hang out with each other, sometimes we go skating and although it has not been the best weather for skiing I hope we will do that later too. On weekends it's usually party / club at the student union building and we usually mingle before and then go out dancing in the evening / night.