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Jazz Musician

The specialisation aims to develop your instrumental, vocal and artistic profile for future professional roles (ensemble musician and soloist) and assignments in various musical fields. The focus is on your musical profile, but you will also participate in study activities that are shared with other music students within the program. You can also supplement your education profile through the optional space in the education. The training includes three main perspectives:

  1. Musical profile (instrument or singing, improvisation, ensemble playing, stage performance)
  2. The musical craft (ptich perception, jazz theory, sound technology, sight reading, composition, industry knowledge)
  3. Artistic knowledge (artistic knowledge, music history)

To prepare yourself for the conditions of the labour market, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with students from the school's audio technology programme as well as take part in newly written music, train yourself to deal with different media, work with sound recordings, develop and design concerts and participate in external activities with music productions for different target groups.

Examples of teachers, both at clinics and regular lessons

Arne Basse Hagström bass, ensemble/improvisation

Erik Weissglas, ensemble/improvisation

Hans Backenroth, double bass

Robert Nordmark saxophone, ensemble/improvisation

Robert Svensson, sound technology/music data

Joakim Jocke Ekberg, drums, ensemble/improvisation

Tommy Lakso, ensemble/improvisation

Mathias Lundqvist, piano, theory/arrangement, ensemble/improvisation

Harri Ihanus, guitar, ensemble/improvisation

Danne Johansson, trumpet

Peter Dahlgren, trombone

Examples of teachers who have taught before and may teach again

Martin Sjöstedt

Karl-Martin Almqvist

Rufus Reid

Kjell Öhman

Robert Ikiz

Marianne Racine

Roy Okutani

Johan Löfcrantz-Ramsay

Ludwig Berghe

Håkan Goohde