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Alumni orchestrates Loney Dear and Norrbotten's Chamber Orchestra

Published: 21 November 2014

Right now the artist Loney Dear tours with Norrbotten's Chamber Orchestra. Former music student Andreas Hedlund is the one who orchestrated the music for the joint concert.

Andreas Hedlund studied the Bacheleor progamme in music specializing in composition during 2008–2011. Today he works as a freelance ochestrator and composer.

What can you tell us about the concerts with Loney Dear and Norrbotten's Chamber Orchestra?

– It is a special cooperation to say the least. Emil Svanängen's (aka Loney Dear) music is in many ways unique. It was an an artistically challenging project, where I found myself halfway as co-composer. The songs demanded large processing to dress well in the orchestra's clothing. A lot of the things pushes the orchestra quite far in the role behind a pop artist, it's not "safe" in any way. But the result I think this is something new and unique in many respects.

Photo: Camilla Berglund

What have you done to get the job you have today?

– The music business is completely based on the recommendations and contacts. What I can say is that if you get the chance to do a job, there are three components that determine what the future of your career will look like:

1. Dare to take the chance
2. Do the job as well as you can just in the context of budget and time.
3. Deliver by the deadline agreed.

What is the best thing about your job?

– That's what I dreamed of: to be working with a symphony orchestra as musical medium. And to meet other talents and performers that come with fun ideas! It's developmental.

What in your career are you particularly proud of?

– My Super Mario Medley voiced by three or four of the country's Orkestar is probably the greatest honor you can get that old game geek :)

When you look back on your education, what was the most important thing you learned?

– Industry knowledge and humility to work with musicians and producers. While the importance of craftsmanship in orkestering and composition.

How did you find your time at the School of Music at Luleå University of Technology?

– Very good! Everyone who are studying here are from other places, and therefore form a true family atmosphere and that it is a little off reduces distraction from other things. I'm from Stockholm from the start, but would never have liked to study there.

Do you have any tips for those who are looking to learn composition?

– Let go of hubris and pride for a while, listen to advice and dare to challenge the artistic and artisanal side. The most dangerous thing you can do is start a bacheleor programme and think you're already done.