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Online course in acting

Now anyone who wants to take an acting course with us can go online! We live in a time when we see more actors every week than ever before in history – in TV series, movies and in the theater. And our theater academies receive an incredible amount of applications every year. But, what is acting? How do you do? What are all those actors really doing?

This course is an attempt to answer those questions and a few more and above all to give an in-depth introduction to the actor's arts and crafts.

What will the course include?

In this course, we will identify some of the actor's most basic challenges and provide ideas on how to meet them. We will introduce some basic principles and concepts and go through a number of concepts that will help us study and talk about acting. And perhaps most important of all, we will try to present a positive and sustainable approach to your art and creativity.

In practical terms, you will get tools to analyze a scene and pick out the information you as an actor need, you will learn to work in a way that focuses on your co-actor and on concrete actions instead of on yourself. You will apply what you learn during the course to your own work with a role.

Who is the course for?

This course is aimed at anyone who is interested in the actor's arts and crafts - acting students, those who may want to become acting students, professionals who want to go through the basics of their craft or anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the actor's creative process.

How does the course work?

Introduction to Acting is one of the university's MOOCs, a Massive Open Online Course, which means that it is a free digital course that is open to everyone and starts exactly when you want. The course consists of films, articles and exercises that you work your way through at your own pace.



Who is the teacher?

Johan Forslund is a senior lecturer in Performing Arts and has taught at the Theater Academy in Luleå since 2015. He is educated at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York and the Theater Academy in Stockholm.


Teacher in charge

Johan Forslund

Johan Forslund, Senior Lecturer

Phone: +46 (0)920 493186
Organisation: Performing Arts, Music, Media and Theatre, Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts