VFX training in Skellefteå behind new start-up

Published: 19 June 2018

Luleå University of Technology's visual arts and visual effects education (VFX) is the reason behind the fact that the Stockholm-based company Swiss chooses to open offices in Skellefteå. First company employee in Västerbotten is departing student Sebastian Björk who, due to family reasons, can not leave home.

– It feels, of course, very good that I have the opportunity to work in the VFX industry in Skellefteå. There are no similar companies in northern Sweden, the alternative had been to move permanently to Stockholm and it was not possible for me, says Sebastian Björk, who studied the computer graphics program (today visual design - digital design, reds. Anm.) In 2015 -2018.

Want a closer cooperation with Luleå University of Technology

Erik Holmedal, Executive Producer at Swiss, says that the industry is in great need of labor and the university's recognized qualitative education is behind the decision.

– The reason we choose to establish ourselves in Skellefteå is primarily for recruitment reasons. We want closer cooperation with the university and better contact with future students. There is such an incredible pressure on recruitment now and therefore we choose to take this step. At the same time, we are looking at if maybe movies in Västerbotten and filmpool north may think of spending in Skellefteå as well, we can start making more film effects from Skellefteå as well. That would be fun, says Erik Holmedal, and honors the visual arts education at Luleå University of Technology.

– They belong to the absolute top layer of education in this area. They also have driven teachers and that it is inspiring. We want to support that. The students who come out have a correct distance to the software and principles that exist on the market right now, which is useful because it's changing all the time. The only dilemma is that they train too few students. They could double the number of students and the need would be greater than what the university could spit out.

Try different things

Sebastian Björk was offered a job at Swiss already before the studies at Luleå University of Technology were completed and in the autumn he starts his new job where he will work with lighting and effects. He looks back on the study time with warmth.

– It have been very good, both classmates and teachers have helped me forward.

What is the best thing about the education?

– You get the chance to try different things. Another advantage is that you do not have to choose which area of ​​the 3D industry you want to work with. There are many professions in the industry and education goes through all these in a good way. One big reason I chose this education was because of Gradshow (the annual fair when companies come to the university) . A great way to connect with industry directly during the training. And then, getting the chance to show your own showreel, what we worked with and personally talking with the representatives from the companies, says Sebastian Björk.

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