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How to apply to Conducting

Published: 23 January 2020

Application in three steps:

1. apply on www.universityadmissions.se
2. Register for the admissions test
3. Take the admissions test

The University seeks applicants who demonstrate awareness, introspection and self-sufficiency in their artistry in addition to high-level musical competence. It is thus of particular distinction if the applicant can indicate in the application a potential topic for the degree project. Since there is no set model for the degree project, it is advantageous if the applicant is particularly passionate about a specific topic and has an awareness of both the subject to be explored, as well as the goals to be achieved.


Your admission in three steps

1. Apply on universityadmissions.se

Last day of application is found on the Master Programme website and on universityadmissions.se

Entry requirements

2. Register for the admissions test – February 15th

Register in writing no later than February 15th to: Luleå tekniska universitet i Piteå, Box 744, 941 63 Piteå or via email to antagningsprovMUKOM@mailbox.ltu.se. Mark the envelope or email with “Admissions test - Master programme”

The admissions test is the basis for admission to the programmes. 

3. Take the conducting test 

The conducting audition is comprised of three sections of approximately 20 minutes each:

  • orchestra conducting
  • choir conducting
  • interview

The audition evaluates technical skills, gestures, musical expression and communication. The choir conducting test evaluates rehearsal proficiency as well.

The orchestra test is performed along with a pianist, and consists of the performance of two selections from symphony orchestra repertoire.

The choir test is performed along with a vocal ensemble and consists of a rehearsal and the conducting of a choir work. Fifteen minutes of the time allotted for this test shall be allocated to rehearsal.

The music to be performed during the test will be sent to the applicant approximately two weeks prior to the test.

The interview will address musical experience and specialisation requests, future plans and other relevant subjects which the applicant wishes to discuss.


The admission test is performed in front of a jury.

Do you have questions?

Erik Westberg

Erik Westberg, Professor

Phone: +46 (0)911 72624
Organisation: Musical Performance, KKL Music, Media and Theatre, Department of Arts, Communication and Education
Petter Sundkvist

Petter Sundkvist, Professor

Phone: +46 (0)911 72602
Organisation: Musical Performance, KKL Music, Media and Theatre, Department of Arts, Communication and Education