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Panisa Flink

"Thailand is a different experience"

Published: 31 March 2014

Panisa Flink Panchathewakhup studies Early years education at Luleå University. During one of her periods of work experience (internship), she went to a preschool in Thailand.
- I would strongly recommend anyone who is wants to do an internship abroad to do it, says Panisa Flink Panchathewakhup.


When Panisa Flink Panchathewakhup found out that there is an opportunity to do your internship or work placement as it is also called, abroad, she decided that she wanted to go to her homeland, Thailand. With the help of one of Luleå University of Technologys internship coordinator, she managed to find a preschool that met the requirements of the university.

The Preeschool that Panisa Flink Panchathewakhup did her internshiop at is named Anuban tedsaban tumbon nondeang and is located in the province Nakornratchasima in Thailand. Panisa Flink Panchathewakhup sees many differences between the Swedish preschool and Thai.


- In Thailand preschool accepts children aged 3-5 years between 7 am and 3 pm on weekdays. All children are at the preschool the same time.

But the approach in teaching is also different. In Thailand, eary years education is more of a preparatory class for school than the Swedish pre-school is. Learning occurs in more formal form, and there is teaching session each day.

Shows moral goodness

Something a little unexpected with the internship was how much respect Panisa Flink Panchathewakhup received from both children and parents. In Thailand, it is perceived that teachers show moral goodness by giving knowledge to children and therefore children and even parents respect the teachers, tells Panisa Flink Panchathewakhup.

- I met a preschooler in a market. The child ran up to me and greeted me by putting his hands to his chestbent down his head and said "Hello Miss" in a very respectful manner, says Panisa Flink Panchathewakhup.

Being an intern in Thailand is something Panisa Flink Panchathewakhup will remember for a long time. She recommends anyone thinking about going abroad to take the chance.

- It's not just the internship that gives you a special feeling, think of how amazing it is to live in another culture and settle in a new country. You will develop your very much as a person and this will enrich your experience.

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