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Dance Teacher Education at Luleå University of Technology

Being a dance teacher is about creating dancing together with children and young people. The training provides good conditions for work in upper secondary school, primary school and within the voluntary dance activities.

The studies are organized into four main parts: the topic dance, another topic or subject specialization in dance, education, science center and placement (internship).

In the dance topic, you study dance in various dance styles such as jazz dance, classical ballet, modern and contemporary dance, improvisation and composition, as well as block tuition in a couple of other genres.

The orientation gives specialization in dance didactics directed mainly against secondary schools, but also didactics to work with dance in elementary school.

The following topics are included in the subject dance

  • dance Conformation
  • Didactics
  • Dance history and dance analysis
  • Internship
  • creative projects
  • dance Knowledge
  • Music
  • Communication and Media
  • research

In deepening the dance, you work on in these parts and you specialize in areas such as dance theory, repertoire, improvisation and composition and choreography.

Education Sciences core

In this part of the training you get the opportunity to develop knowledge of the teaching assignment and the main tasks of the teaching profession.

Clinical training (internship)

Through practice you will experience the daily work of dance education in the school system. You auskulterar how experienced dance teachers work and plan, teach and evaluate their own dance instruction.

Dancing and Learning

Dance Teacher training is continuously developing international networks. Examples are training with French choreographers way to create dance with schoolchildren. Dance Teacher Education also cooperates with the National Institute of Dance in school.

At Luleå University conducted research in the field of dance and learning. Dance school - biennials, Nordic research conferences and venues for national and international cooperation are continuously arranged in Piteå.


Applications for teacher training, dance direction via Admission is by proficiency test.

Combine dance with one of the following topics

Contact persons for the dance teaching programme

Cecilia Björklund-Dahlgren

Björklund-Dahlgren, Cecilia - Professor

Organisation: Dance Pedagogy, Music, Media and Theatre, Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
Phone: +46 (0)911 72753
Room: K115 - Piteå»