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Full-scale models in architecture

Published: 11 February 2013

Digital Design & Making the name of an exciting project course in architecture now being held at Luleå University of Technology. This year full-scale pavilions are being built. The Works will be on displayed on the University campus, one already in place in the university library.

Mania Aghaei Meibodi, lecturer: - Students will design, model and create sustainability calculations in 3D data program Rhinoceros with a plugin called Grasshopper. With a connected CNC laser cutter, the components are being cut and later used  for building a full-scale model, says Mania.

The course is conducted in groups of 3 students each. The course started in september and the student´s work to will be displayed in public. Some pavillions may be permanent architecture within the campus.

The purpose of this course is to provide students with understanding and skills in digital design and production. The recent advances in software development gives architects new opportunities for design and aesthetics. Only through experimentation and small-scale production, students can fully learn how to exploit the new technologies.

It is noticeable that the creativity is flowing and students workning late lights. In the workshop welding flame lights up the room. There are spectacular pavilions being produced and many will surely stop and marvel at the works exhibited in public.

Andreas Åkerblom, students in his thrird year, says: - It has been a long workin days from early morning to late at night. We´ve had and some conflicts in the group, but in a positive way. Everyone in the group have had different roles depending on their interests and skills. Our pavilion perhaps became more a piece of furniture or an aesthetic installation in the end, but it  has been very educational.

The software Rhinoceros with its various plug-ins already provides a completely new type of architecture. Maybe it will be a similar revolution that advanced animations has done in the film industry.

- You can see on some items that are created with Rhinoceros. They are simply too complex to have been designed with traditional tools, concludes Andreas.

See pictures from the design process


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