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Students participated in interior design project

Published: 8 June 2021

Four master's engineering students have been hired to design two areas in the Alfa building on the university campus in Luleå. Three of the students study The Master Programme in Architectural Engineering and the fourth study on The Master Programme in Industrial Design Engineering.

The assignment was to produce interior design proposals for two areas, both of which will be used as study areas. One should also be able to be used for mingling during conferences. The result was reported on June 4, 2021.

The students' proposal, which will be implemented during the autumn, included a café-like environment surrounded by green plants where the color choices match the material of the room where a high brick wall dominates. You can easily refurnish to adapt the room for, for example, mingling at the nearby LKAB hall.

"The most difficult thing was probably all the financial calculations to adapt our proposal to the specified and fairly tight budget", says Stina Röken, student in civil engineering architecture.

The proposal also included lighting fixtures for efficient study places as well as notice boards in cork for displaying various events. High cosiness factor was a recurring concept during the presentation.

"We hope that with this project we can not only use students' insight and knowledge for these two areas, but also get a continued idea of how we can think about other areas within the university", says Sara Stark, unit direcor at university services at Luleå University of Technology.

Participating students were Stina Röken, Linn Rydenstam, Emilia Engvall and Marion Arinka.

Sara Stark

Sara Stark, Head of Unit

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Organisation: VSS-UNS, Professional Support