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Study MSc Architecture at LTU

We spend almost our entire life in or on houses, schools, offices, restaurants, shops, industries, roads, subways, airports and much more. M.Sc. in Architectural Engineering is an education programme for you who want to design these spaces. It is one of two Architectural Engineering programmes in Sweden.

The Swedish construction sector is undergoing a number of years a change where the ability to understand and meet both individual and societal needs and preferences are increasingly important. This has created a need for engineers with a second and broader knowledge than is provided in the traditional architecture and building courses.

Master of Architecture, you gain knowledge in science and technology, but also in architecture, structural engineering, urban planning, design, behavioral science and economics that are essential to your professional role in the future of architecture and construction. You have the opportunity to develop your skills and your creativity when you train you in designing, developing and operating buildings that are functional, attractive, healthy and economical.

For a Master of Architecture, it is important to communicate and collaborate with other professionals. In order to practice these skills, see some of the first three years of courses together with other aspiring engineers. From the fourth year, select a focus on your education through their own choice of courses.

Paid trainee period / internship

In order to quickly get into the world of work and help deal with the more applied studies in the final two years, you try on your future professional role. Therefore, you are given the opportunity for a paid trainee period / internship between academic years three and four. It is seven months long and much appreciated by students and employers.

We'll help you arrange a trainee position
      with good supervision and pay.
    Traineeship anywhere in Sweden
        or outside Sweden

Master of Science programs at LTU adapted Bologna system. This means that we are holding the course during the first 3 years and you specialize in one of our two degree specializations in the last two years. It is possible to complete a bachelor's degree at the end of the third year. After the third year, carries out most of our students a seven-month, paid internship at a company - it gives you your first experience to take with you when you apply for a job after graduation.

Civil Engineer - Architecture


There are two designated directions to complete your training: City Planning and House Building. The City covers topics in urban planning and design.

City Planning

This approach suits those who are interested in urban design and planning of the built environment from a holistic perspective.

House Building

Specialization is for you who are interested in functional design and aesthetically pleasing living accommodation and office environments.