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Civilingenjör Arkitektur vid Luleå tekniska universitet

Six-month internship – Master Programme in Architectural Engineering

As a student at the master programme in architectural engineering you have the opportunity to participate in a sex-month internship during the autumn of your fourth year. The internship is an optional activity during the education; however, it is highly recommended by the university, the industry and students who have previously participated.

The purpose of the internship is to increase your awareness and understanding as a student of how the knowledge provided by the education is used in a professional setting. Students who have participated in an internship are usually very pleased and believe that it has contributed to both motivation and increased engagement for the continued studies as well as future work. Many of the companies and agencies that facilitate internships are interested in seeing the internships develop as they see it as an opportunity to create a good relationship to the university and to future potential employees.

The many actors who facilitate internships includes everything from municipalities and government agencies to architecture and consulting firms, construction companies, mining companies, material supplies and public and private property managers. If urban design is your interest, you can, for example, do your internship at municipalities, governmental agencies, or consulting firms with projects in urban planning, traffic planning or development projects. For building design you can have your internship to get a better understanding of project management, the design process, property development or the construction phase.

As a student you are responsible for finding an internship. Some of the companies that might facilitate such an opportunity are present at the university’s annual job market week (LARV) where you as a student have the opportunity to talk to and book interviews with interesting companies. During the autumn the university also organise an event specifically for the internship for all the students who are enrolled in the master programme in architectural engineering and civil engineering. At this event you can ask questions regarding the internship to the internship coordinator, students who have previously been an on an internship and participating companies.

During the course of the programme, you will be invited to a room in our learning platform (Canvas) where more information regarding the internship is gathered. If you have any questions or want to discuss anything about the internship you are welcome to contact, via phone or email, the internship coordinator (Jani Mukkavaara).

Jani Mukkavaara

Jani Mukkavaara, Associate Senior Lecturer

Phone: +46 (0)920 492414
Organisation: Construction Management and Building Technology , Industrialized and sustainable construction, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering