Architecture as summer job

Published: 17 August 2017

This summer, high school students from Luleå have had the opportunity to put their mark on the future development of the residential area Kronen in the municipality of Luleå through a course in architecture and community development. It has been hard work and the creativity has flowed.

"There were many imaginative ideas presented this year, I'm sure we will be able to use one or more of these concepts," says Jenny Axberg, Head Project Leader from Luleå Municipality for the next phase of the development of the Kronan.

In the proposals presented you can find grass green roofs, sensor-controlled street lighting, automatically tinted glass, digital signs with local traffic information, weather and energy consumption, geothermal heating, solar cells and all possible social services. As well as drones who deliver freshly baked pizza made on sourdough.

Greenhouse on the roof
Greenhouse on the roof

"This type of summer job benefits all parties. The students get an insight in the work of architecture and planning and the municipality receives new and often different proposals for both design and functions for a future residential area. It has been creative and lots of fun to work with this", says Frida Lindberg who has been the supervisor this summer. Frida is a student at the Master Programme in Architectural Engineering at Luleå University of Technology.

Moa Rosén and Frida Lindberg
Moa Rosén and Frida Lindberg

Moa Rosén, a student of the Master Programme in Civil Engineering, also worked as a supervisor in this project.

"We had 40 places divided into two groups and about 15 applicants for each group, so all applicants for these summer jobs were accepted," says Moa Rosén, who also testifies that this was a very creative summer.

Kronandalen, Luleå
Kronandalen, Luleå

This is the seventh year of this project. In 2016, the students designed a travel center in central Luleå, see link below. The project is a collaboration between Luleå Municipality, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden's Construction Industries, Swedish Transport Administration, Swedish Technology and Design. The purpose is to motivate more people to train for a career in the construction industry.



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