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Ballet in concrete

Published: 1 February 2016

It is the poetic name of the honorable mentioned competition proposal that two students, Alexander Stark and Robert Granstam, submitted to a competition in architecture.

New eyes on concrete was the name of the contest organized by the Stockholm International Fairs, Nordbygg and the Swedish Engineers and Architects in collaboration with the Swedish Concrete and the Swedish Association of Architects. The invitees were competing for the formulation of a visit cafe at the Nordbygg 2016 Convention.

Robert Granstam and Alexander Stark, Architecture at Luleå University of Technology 2016 Photo: Richard Renberg
Robert Granstam and Alexander Stark, Architecture at Luleå University of Technology. Photo: Richard Renberg

–  This has been a fun and inspiring project where we had access to new innovations in concrete and provided us with new lessons for future projects, said Alexander Stark, a student in the Master of Architecture program at Luleå University of Technology.

Ballet in concrete is a cafe whose pavilions are designed by supple and slender concrete elements of carbon fiber-reinforced high-performance concrete. The design shows the possibility of using slender concrete panels which, despite its slenderness is able to support the weight and create stable structures. With inspiration from ballet dancing momentum created tension and dynamics in the panel's elegant shape. The jury's review; "The proposal is almost mathematical in their precision, evident in its rumskapande, and gives a light impression despite the fact that it is built entirely in concrete slabs ..."

–  Ballet in concrete was a very exciting project which has given us the opportunity to apply both our technical and aesthetic skills, says Robert Granstam, also a student in architecture at Luleå University.

All students who have participated with winning or honorable mention proposals will be presented in an exhibition in the Nordbygg Exhibition, and invited to a program of visits to companies in the concrete industry.

Alexander Stark and Robert Granstam can be reached on a common email address,

Research engineer Ulf Stenman at the department of structural engineering and fire help as supervisors in the development of Ballet in concrete

Ulf Stenman

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