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Master Thesis in South Africa

Published: 7 April 2014

Pernilla Larsson is 25 years and final year of training Master Programme in Architectural Engineering with specialization House building at Luleå University of technology. She is now writing blog about her thesis.

"The other day I ate Sushi Dinner with two Swedes, from Luleå (!). Glad to have gone to the same school for 5 years, have seen each other at the gym but still not talking until you happen to be on the other side of the globe simultaneously. As, now we two LTU students writing theses down here, enjoying the sun and sushi on conveyor belts. "

                                                                   Quote from the blog

How are You doing?

–  It is extremely exciting to see and experience the difference in the construction industry between South Africa and Sweden. And so obviously boost myself with energy during the holidays with beautiful hikes!

Why did you choose to study architecture in Luleå?

–  I was interested in the combination of technology and architecture, and education was offered only at two universities: Luleå University of Technology and Chalmers. So I thought if I yet to start on something new, then I'll do it any time in full and go to a university in a city I had never visited. And I regret my choice? Absolutely not!

What´s the most fun with your education?

–  Clearly the combination of technical expertise, project work and creative work. And all the wonderful friends I've met during their studies, but they had probably not been even half as fun! 5.5 years went much faster than I imagined, a good sign I guess.

What are you doing in ten years?

–  Working. But where and with what I do not know. I just love to travel and to challenge myself with new things so my future job will surely be reflected by that.