Left: Anders Viking, PhD Timber Structures at Luleå University of Technology. Right: Lars-Olof Ohlsson, Business Area Manager WSP. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

WSP Civils Award for the best thesis

Published: 9 December 2013

Each year, the WSP a prize for best thesis. This year the prize went to Anders Viking at Luleå University of Technology. The thesis was written for the Master Programme in Architectural Engineering.

- This was surprising and a great honor, says Anders Viking, who is currently a PhD student at the Division of Structural and Construction Engineering at LTU. Anders Viking works in the research subject of Timber Structures.

- Anders has a very good way analyzed the possibilities to combine the Swedish approach to environmental concerns with the British. That he chose to write in English provides opportunities for a broad group to take part of his work, said Glenn Berggård, supervisor at the thesis.

LTU Press Photo - Anders Viking -

- Nowadays I gstudyon how industrial building concepts interact with municipal planning. One could say that the question I study is the same as I have explained in the thesis, but in another context. Both projects deal with the meeting between the local government and restrictions from the private sector, the only difference is that in the thesis appeared constraints in the form of certification for sustainability issues, and now it's industrial building system that is in focus. So in a way, is my current research is a natural extension of the thesis, says Anders.


Anders Viking, in a commendable manner described and analyzed third party tools for sustainability certification of SEA practice is governed by the Swedish Environmental Code, the sixth chapter. The work is carried out in a systematic manner with good theoretical basis and involves a set location area in the future. The thesis also has a high quality in terms of the written request. The work is very current and applicable in WSP Community construction activities.


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The thesis

Integration of Urban Scale Development Sustainability Assessment Tools Into Strategic Environmental Assessments of Municipal Spatial Plans