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"I really love Luleå"

Published: 17 April 2020

Name: Vendela Bergkvist
Age: 23
Place of residence: Leksand, Dalarna
Programme: Master Programme in Architectural Engineering

Why did you choose to study The Master Programme in Architectural Engineering?

"I've always had a great interest in architecture and buildings. During high school, I joined the engineering program and really liked physics and all technology subjects. When it came time to apply to university / college, I found the civil engineering architecture program in Luleå and thought it felt like a mix of what I thought was the most fun in school. Perhaps the difference with a "regular" architecture program is that we gain a deeper understanding of the building technology solutions and problems that exist in a building, which is why I ended up here. I think this creates opportunities to influence the projects that we will be sharing later in working life."

How do you like the city of Luleå?

"I really love Luleå. I think the city is just big, people are nice and there is of course plenty of snow in the winter. During my spare time, I am involved in StiL (the sports association on campus) which means that I am outdoors a lot in the winter and preferably go skiing both performed but especially in the long run. Luleå offers great opportunities for outdoor activities."

What plans do you have after your studies?

"To work in an incredibly interesting industry and to become really good at what I do."

Do you have any advice for future students here at the university?

"Enjoy Luleå, it's a smaller city but with lots to do in. Be sure to go on the ice often, ski and go to the restaurants here. Remember that the student life is different for everyone and that you really have the chance to get involved in something that brings about everyday life, the student life is much more than just studying."