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"I really love Luleå"

Vendela Bergkvist from Leksand

Photo: Privat

"It's a great oppurtunity to live in this climate a few years"

Alice Arnesson, architecture

Alice Arnesson, MSc Architecture - Luleå University of Technology 2020 Photo: Richard Renberg

"My design proposals can actually be built"

Oskar Lipnicki recently participated in an architectural competition.

Oskar Lipnicki - MSc Architecture 2020 Photo: Richard Renberg

Architecture on Mars

Arkitektur på Mars

"I want to have a wide knowledge base to stand on"

Lucas Sandberg, Master Programme in Architectural Engineering

Photo: Privat

Developed app from game engine for architecture

Raafat Hussamadin, Master Programme in Architectural Engineering

Raafat Hussamadin developed an App from the game engine Unity Photo: Richard Renberg


Student Association for Architecture and Built Enviroment