Architecture on Mars

Anna Schylander has, in her thesis work chosen to explore the possibility of building a house on the planet Mars.

Arkitektur på Mars

Developed app from game engine for architecture

Raafat Hussamadin developed an App from the game engine Unity Photo: Richard Renberg

"In my spare time I practice cheerleading"

Moa Marklund from Skellefteå

Cheerleader Moa Marklund, Master of Science in Engineering at Luleå University of Technology Photo: Jenny Olofsson

Sami architecture in theory and form

Photo: Richard Renberg

"I wanted to study something that was both creative and theoretical"

Name: Frida LindbergAge: 24Hometown: Pello, North SwedenEducation: Master of Architecture

Photo: Richard Renberg


Student Association for Architecture and Built Enviroment