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Ebba Eneris, Architecture at Luleå University of Technology
"It was very useful to see how to actually build on site"

Ebba Eneris on an internship in Architectural Engineering

Photo: Privat
"I really love Luleå"

Vendela Bergkvist from Leksand

Oskar Lipnicki - MSc Architecture 2020 Photo: Richard Renberg
"My design proposals can actually be built"

Oskar Lipnicki recently participated in an architectural competition.

Petronella Skoglund
"I would like to work on sustainable construction and climate issues"

Petronella Skoglund, Master Programme in Architectural Engineering

Arktis 2021
Blog about studying on The Master Programme in Architectural Engineering

By Felicia Ingegerd Johansson, Johanna Lagerlund and Wilma Karlsson


Student Association for Architecture and Built Enviroment