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Jon Moln Teike, Fire Protection Engineer in Kiruna
Jon Moln Teike, Fire Protection Engineer in Kiruna. Photographer: Åke Jönsson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Jon Moln Teike, Fire Protection Engineer in Kiruna

Published: 15 April 2014

Name: Jon Moln Teike
Age: 28
Lives: Kiruna
Hometown: HHuskvarna
Education: Fire Protection Engineering, Postgraduate course in emergency services for fire protection (RUB) and Master of Science with specialization in fire engineering

What was it like studying at Luleå University of Technology?

During my studies at LTU, I experienced a lot of new impressions. The studies were based on a lot of responsibility, which suited me fine. Additionally, I could make my schedule so that there was also room for climbing adventures in the mountains.

The program itself has a solid core of engineering courses which You will notice when you meet other engineers from LTU in the working life. During my student days we had admittedly not much courses from The Technical Research Institute of Sweden but I made one of my thesis there. Having the Technical Research Institute of Sweden associated with fire protection program at LTU, I see as a very big asset.

My current work involves a lot of work with other agencies and take responsibility in stressful situations. Therefore, I have received great benefit from the behavioral sciences and management, which I studied at the university. It has of course not always been easy to study all times but on the other, it would not have been as rewarding if it had not been challenging.

Did You enjoy life in the city of Luleå?

Lulea is a fairly large city close to nature. In the places I lived, it was never more than a few steps to a nearby forest trail or a track that led out to the water. Luleå's campus is located a bit outside the city but there are good bus links and bicycle routes. What I appreciated most was the training and activity culture that exists on campus. There was never a shortage of people who wanted to run away and ice climbing, ski or play hockey.

Cheap apartment rents and easy to find extra jobs made student life easier.

Jon Moln Teike Brandingenjor LTU Alumn 01.JPG
The southern peak at kebnekaise

Do you have a job you enjoy?

When I started coming to the end of my studies in 2011, I had set his sights on the private sector and especially any security assignments in larger companies. But since it never gets as planned I started to work on the emergency service in Kiruna. But this is probably among the best choice I've made in my life. I have a great breadth of my work with good management capabilities by my work. That one day stand and lead an emergency response to the second day prefer a risk and vulnerability for the rest of the community makes it a very different work.

Do you have any advice for future students?

Laws and regulations is something you could benefit greatly from being able to independently if you work in public or private. Knowing who is responsible for fire protection in a building or what is required according to the law means that you can both act professionally but also more efficient.

Personally, I have also seen a benefit in broadening my knowledge in building construction. Although fire safety is very important, there are many other areas that need to work on for a building to be safe. Therefore, it is essential that a fire engineer has an understanding of other people's interests and that you can interact with other players to reach the best solution. This also applies when working with a rescue operation. Dare to think in new ways, work is not as incredibly complicated as you might think.