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Herman Paulusson - Fire Engineer LTU 2017 Photo: Privat
Herman Paulusson - Fire Engineer LTU 2017 Photo: Privat View original picture , opens in new tab/window

"Hard work pays off"

Name: Herman Paulusson
Age: 24
Hometown: Piteå
Programme: Fire Engineer, Civil Engineer Fire Engineering

Why did you choose to study Fire Protection Engineer?

"I've always known that I wanted to study further after high school, but when it came to choosing what to study, I stood in front of a sea of ​​opportunities, but not the pitiful idea what I really wanted to study.

My introduction to fire engineer took place on an internship I went through high school. There I caught my eyes on the fact that a training as a fire engineer was available and the more I read about the education, the more it felt that the education was right for me. Because the foundation is an engineering education, it contains subjects that I always enjoyed through my school time, namely mathematics and science. Fire engineer also included topics like risk management, behavioral science and still retaining the ability to work close to people, which was important to me. For me, the education provided an exciting combination and I decided to search.

During my studies of fire engineer, I discovered that the deeper we encountered in course-specific subjects, the more interesting it became. When I faced the choice of starting a job, or applying for postgraduate education to study for MSc in Engineering, I knew I wanted to dig deeper into the studies. So far, education has met all my expectations."

What do you do in your spare time?

"I prefer to spend leisure time with some kind of training. I have always preferred sports where you can benefit from strength and the great interest for the moment is strength training. Whether you like powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, crossfit etc., LTU feels like a very active campus and it's never hard to find like-minded people who share one's interests.

But every place usually offers gym so what else can you do at LTU maybe you ask? Luleå is a relatively big city, where there are always activities to take care of as long as you dare on a little, from dog sledding, ice climbing, dancing, ski tours and much more as long as you have a little imagination."

Do you have any advice for future students at LTU?

- Your time at the university will offer a wealth of new experiences, acquaintances, good and bad experiences. But my advice to you is to dare! Dare to hang out on the salsa dance when someone asks you. Dare to join any association or section and dare to try many of the new experiences that you will definitely be able to experience. But dare to be yourself, study time is a time that is characterized by your own responsibility and hard work. You will be tempted by different things from the right and left, but in the end you have to find the balance between studies, leisure time and other responsibilities.

But most of all! Be sure to enjoy your time here, you will notice that it will pass faster than you expected.