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Joakim Lundberg, president, and Henrik Tjäder, vice president, of the student association XP-el. Photo: Linda Alfredsson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

XP-el enjoys electronics

Published: 2 February 2017

Do you need to repair your broken speaker, print something in 3D or fix a faulty circuit board? At the student association XP-el, there are many opportunities for advancement in electronics. – And of course, we spread a lot of joy, says the president Joakim Lundberg.

XP-el also has reasons to celebrate. For the first time in its more than 40-year history, the association has landed firmly on a membership of over 100 people.

– Yes, we celebrated with cake at the last annual meeting. We have a new and larger premises and we have invested more in outreach activities, two things that probably contributed to the membership increase. In addition, the technology has become cheaper, easier, and better, says Joakim Lundberg.

Benefits and lots of fun

Vice president Henrik Tjäder:

– Plus new trends, such as Makerspace. Now the association is much more of a mixture of practical electronics and use of software. Hardware and software coming together is the ultimate Lego, says Henrik Tjäder with a smile.

XP-el's club room is located on the ground floor of the A building. Here, members are hanging out or studying. There is enough space to allow members to leave their projects and they have access to the premises around the clock.

– Many who spend time here, know a whole lot and when we help eachother out, we become a community and get a kind of a team spirit, says Henrik Tjäder.

Courses and theme days

Traditionally, XP-el organizescourses in soldering, microprocessor programming and circuit boards. During this spring, on Tuesdays, they will also organize theme days on Tuesday evenings. 

– Members can come here with their projects, we support and help them as they go along, says Joakim Lundberg.

You spend a lot of your time on XP-el, why?

– We have a good community on the board, it's always fun to meet and socialize. It's a bit like a project, we have a common goal that we want to achieve together, says Joakim Lundberg.

Being active in the association is also something that serves them well in terms of their studies. And an unexpectedly good spring board for the future.

– Thanks to the work in XP-el, we collaborate with companies and researchers. And it is particularly gratifying that many benefit from the time spent, says Henrik Tjäder.