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Professor Parnes answers questions

Published: 5 January 2020

Peter Parnes, professor and teacher on courses about computer engineering answers some common questions about education Computer Engineering.

Who are you?

– I'm a computergeek with business interests. Founder of Marratech AB, which was bought by Google. I love creating new opportunities via computer programs and to help new businesses grow! I currently work as a professor and a self-employed in Lulea.

Why study computer science and IT?

– It provides an incredible opportunity for the future. You can get to work with fun and exciting projects where you can reach out to many people online. Computer and IT will be available and in all industries.

Why study at Luleå University of Technology?

– LTU has a very open learning environment. The teachers are always available and they want you to learn as much as possible. And within computer science and IT, the research is very strong.

Computer science and IT - is that all about hardware and programming?

– It's about how we work with computers and mobile devices, which are all around us. It's about how we build applications that people want. It's about how we build networks and applications that many people can use simultaneously. For example, how you build a system that can deliver over a million photographs per second?

Where can I work after my studies?

– There are huge opportunities to work with many different tasks! Programming and software development is so much fun :) If you want to work with renowned companies such as Google, Facebook, Spotify, Microsoft and others, these are precisely the topics you need!