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Photo: Linda Alfredsson
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Successful project for computer science students

Published: 7 February 2019

Their task was to build a voice ordering system, an automatic system that answers when you call and order food, for example. – There are not many systems in Sweden, or in the world, which have as good functionality as our system, says Fredrik Pettersson, student at the Master Programme in Computer Science and Engineering.

The task of the students was to find out how to build a user interface for voice ordering. The first part of the project was mainly devoted to research: what do such conversations look like today, and how are they programmed and what technical limitations do they have?

– After that we chose to build our own dialogue engine. The ready-made options that were available were too limited to support the complexity we wanted, says Fredrik Pettersson, student and project leader.

Sharp project

The work was done in collaboration with the company Future Ordering. In addition to being a course, it was hence a sharp project anchored in reality.

– Our system was really asked for "for real". That did of course motivate many in the group a little extra, says Fredrik Petersson.

– We even invited IT managers at other companies to our project room because they were interested in what we worked on. That is really different compared to how a course usually looks.

What was the most fun and most difficult during the project?

– Being a project manager has been fun but also demanding. The hardest part has been to have a good communication between the internal groups we have had in the project. The best part is when you see the group's commitment and that many of us really want to create something really cool!

What is the most important thing you learned during the course?

– I don't think I am alone when I say I learned a lot! I have gained a whole new understanding of how voice works and what unique problems exist. I have also learned a great deal about how to lead projects. We have also created something very unique. There are not many systems in Sweden, or in the world for that part, that has as good functionality as our system. We have got unique expertise and experience and it feels really fun.