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Student work gives satisfied companies

Published: 24 September 2020

Several courses on the Master Programme in Computer Science Engineering are characterized by close collaborations with companies. Both Marcus Friman, responsible for development at Netrounds, and Andreas Stormvinge, CEO of Future Ordering Sweden AB, have good experiences of collaborating with the university's students.

– We work actively to attract students. We have participated in project courses and offer interesting thesis projects, says Marcus Friman, responsible for development at Netrounds.

– Overall, I would say that the university's students have good basic knowledge. This helps them to quickly blend into our teams and contribute in a positive way.

The company Future Ordering has also participated in project courses and had several students who did thesis projects at the company.

– We are extremely pleased with the result, says Andreas Stormvinge, CEO of Future Ordering.

Andreas Stormvinge points out the importance of being able to collaborate and act as a problem solver:

– We believe that the ability to work together and solve problems is far more important than having the right prior knowledge when it is time to enter working life.

Do you have any tips for students who are considering to attend the Computer Science Engineering Programme?

– Spend extra time on different types of hobby projects related to programming. It makes a bigger difference than you might think. And if you want to work with software, but may come to the conclusion that it is not suitable for you to sit and program all day, then I would still recommend that you invest your first years in working life on just this. You will get a very good foundation, then you can move on to, for example, team leadership roles, project management and product management, says Marcus Friman.

– I think the most important qualities you get during university time are what you do when you are not studying. For example, when we recruit new developers, we look for those who have personal projects alongside work – offline or online. And do not forget to have fun while studying. Allow yourself to have interests outside of school even if they are currently not completely logical from a career perspective. Do not hurry, log out often and invest in physical exercise. Read the book Hjärnstark by Anders Hansen, Andreas Stormvinge suggests.