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Eric Hacksell Photo: Eric Hacksell
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Eric gives his five best tips for studying abroad!

Published: 1 December 2021

After spending six semesters abroad in France and Spain, Eric has collected a lot of tips for studying abroad.

Tip 1: Do not worry about French, you learn it there

You do not need to have read French before, everyone learns in one way or another anyway. You get there three weeks before the real courses start for an intensive course. After that, the lessons continue once a week and you are constantly in an environment where French is spoken. It makes you learn naturally.

Tip 2: Get 350 euros extra per month

Erasmus is an EU initiative that makes it more economically possible to study abroad. You can get around 350 euros extra in grants per month, which makes life extra fun abroad.

Tip 3: Test bars for language learning

With a little alcohol in the body, the language flows better. Incredibly good place to improve!

Tip 4: Get help from others in the same position

All foreigners have similar problems as you with language and school, that you go through them together makes it easier for you to cope with them.

Tip 5: When it comes to language, do not be a perfectionist

Speaking completely flawlessly is tempting and it can be embarrassing to say the wrong thing. If you do not have French as your mother tongue, however, it is almost impossible. The truth is, making mistakes is one of the most effective ways to learn a language. Even though the grammar is not 100%, you can make yourself understood, it is good enough.