Thesis that save electricity

Published: 3 June 2014

Magda Ljunggren from Luleå belongs to the first class that now finishes the Master Programme in Sustainable Energy Engineering. She specialized in energy efficiency and did her thesis at SSAB.

What is your thesis about?

– My thesis is about making SSAB in Luleå more power efficient and through that reduce their electricity costs. I have drawn up proposals on efficiency measures and made cost estimates. My focus has been actions where a large effect can be achieved with simple means. Examples of efficiency measures is to introduce care engine pre-heater posts with time control and also have movement controlled indoor lighting.

– My work gives SSAB an understanding of what can be done, what savings are possible and the effort needed. I will also discuss proposals in areas the company can continue to work with. The work is also interesting for other companies because I give examples of how to proceed in evaluating possible efficiency measures.

What has been the most fun and the most difficult with the project?

– What was most fun has been getting use for my theoretical knowledge in real life. The hardest part has been not having all the required parameters for my calculations. I had to make estimates and sensitivity analyzes to see how different factors may affect the outcome.

What do you think of the education programme in sustainable energy engineering?

– It has been very educative and interesting with good courses and dedicated teachers. I can definitely recommend others to read it.

What will you do now?

– In summer I will work at SSAB and in the fall I will start working "for real".