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Lisa Larsson
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"I really enjoy the culture at Luleå University of Technology"

Published: 6 December 2021

Lisa Larsson is a teacher in the Master Programme in Engineering, Sustainable Production and responsible for the specialization production innovation that can be chosen during the last years of the education. She believes that innovation is crucial for the green transition

Lisa Larsson has been involved from the start in the development of the new program.

We see a great need to strengthen the supply of education programmes focused on sustainable, digitalized production because there is a great need for that kind of competence in the industry. The whole world is changing, not least here in Norrbotten. We have worked closely with industry, with our students and researchers, both at our own university and others to create as relevant an education as possible.

She believes that the education differs from similar programmews  in Sweden by taking a holistic approach to the sustainability perspective, both economic and ecological and social sustainability are treated.

It is also special that we work so close with the industry. We have taken the education issues directly from current challenges in the industry. During the programme, the students get to help companies with various sustainability issues. In this way, the students get a reality-based education at the same time as we can contribute to the companies development.

Researches innovative environments

As a researcher, she has focused on how production innovation can serve as a tool to bring about a more sustainable production. She has studied innovation processes and how to develop organizational systems that create as innovative an environment and corporate culture as possible.

Traditionally, innovation research has been focused on the business aspects, ie how innovation can increase the company's profits. I have also looked at how the ability to innovate can create ecological and social values. It is an exciting area of research because it is about people. It is people who develop the technology.

As a teacher, she thinks it is important that students really learn something instead of just ticking off a point in the syllabus. 

t is rewarding to work with young people who are hungry to learn. In addition, I take the students' perspective into account, which means that I develop new ways of thinking that I can develop further in my research. I really enjoy the culture here at Luleå University of Technology where there is a close relationship between teachers and students and a close relationship between education and industry.

Lisa Larsson believes that innovation is crucial for the success of the green transition and quotes Albert Einstein: "It takes a completely new way of thinking to solve the problems we have created with the old way of thinking."