Paulina Sawicki och Karin Nilsson

Students did their thesis at Bookbeat

Published: 11 June 2019

Paulina Sawicki and Karin Nilsson, students of the Master programme in Industrial and Management Engineering, have completed an assignment for the audiobook company Bookbeat as their thesis.

When they got in touch with the CEO Niklas Sandin it turned out that he had also studied at LTU and they got good contact right away.

– We wanted an international connection to our degree project and got to know Bookbeat, which belongs to the Bonnier publishers. The publishing industry is moving from physical to digital and we felt that it was really exciting to be part of the development, ”says Paulina Sawicki.

– Bookbeat is a so-called "born global", a company that goes out very early in international markets. We look at the challenges that exist for the company when it comes to internationalization. We have found five challenges and defined eight "actions", things that can be done to deal with the challenges, says Karin Nilsson.

Building a network

One of the challenges that the students defined was that it is difficult for a born global company to enter a market without a network, so that is the first thing that needs to be addressed.

– A good way to create a network is to have a local person in place who can build relationships by meeting customers and partners ”face to face”. It is another thing to be able to have a coffee with someone than just talking over the phone or e-mail, says Karin Nilsson.

Use the digitization

Digitization and internationalization are topical topics among Swedish companies. To become competitive, one has to go out on international markets. It has become cheaper and easier with the digitization. It will be a way for small companies to measure up with large companies.

– If you take Bookbeat as an example, they must come up in a large volume of users. The Swedish market gets saturated after a while so they have to find users in other countries. To do this, they must be innovative, says Paulina Sawicki.

Paulina and Karin think that they have got a great deal of doing the thesis as a real assignment for a company, and recommends others to do so as well.

– It feels very rewarding to be able to make use of a company while at the same time learning lots, says Karin Nilsson.