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Metallurgy on the schedule

Published: 30 April 2019

Almost 100 high school students from the science program visited the research institute Swerim to gain an insight into the work with an environmentally friendly steel industry and metallurgy.

The Swedish metal industry with traditions from the viking era today faces exciting challenges in the environment and recycling, but also the development of the rare earth metals that are needed in, among other things, batteries and smart phones. These metals can be found in the residual products that are left over in the production of steel.

"We want to show young students that this industry can be an option when they are applying for higher education. We also want to offer high school students summer jobs and do their thesis together with us", says Johan Eriksson, department manager at Swerim.

During this information meeting and study visit, in addition to various lectures, the students also received a tour of Swerim's secret research facility where assignments from all over the world are carried out, often with high confidentiality.

"We develop and optimize metallurgical processes and total solutions in materials and manufacturing engineering, mainly with a focus on energy efficiency, recovery and recycling of residual materials, reduced CO2 emissions, materials development, joining, additive manufacturing and component properties", says Johan Eriksson.

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