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Mineralteknik och metallurgi

Mineral Engineering and Metallurgy

Mineral and metal extraction is increasingly about the development and design of sustainable processes.

This specialisation is the only one of its kind in Sweden, and our co-operation with various actors in Europe and the rest of the world give it an international character.

Mineralteknik och metallurgi

This specialisation, which is unique in Sweden, has an international character through our collaboration with various actors in Europe and the rest of the world. The training gives you a broad base for work with recycling, new production or product adaptation of minerals and metals.

Smart recovery of residual products from ore-based steel manufacturing

Smart återvinning av restprodukter från malmbaserad ståltillverkning

Design of selective collectors for the separation of valuable mineral from mining waste

Gold - Creative Commons

Student projects in metallurgy

Students presented two different experiments in metallurgy for greener steel industry. Sometimes experiments can be the way forward to new knowledge and innovations.

Photo: R Renberg