Jennifer Andersson

Jennifer Andersson, Boliden

Published: 27 September 2017

My name is Jennifer Andersson and originally from Jokkmokk. Right now I live in Boliden outside Skellefteå since I work as a process engineer at the mill G1A in Boliden. Previously, I practiced and summer working at Bolidens development lab in Boliden.

Why did you choose to study in Luleå?

I chose Luleå because I wanted to study chemical engineering with a clear connection to the industry and since LTU has a very good cooperation with a number of different companies, it felt like we as students get a great possibility that early get a foothold in industries relevant to education. In addition, the campus a very good reputation, and because most students live in the same area, there was a large community among us.

What experiences/moments do you remember of your education at LTU that are worth remembering

What I value most is first and foremost practice that takes place during the first semester of the fourth year. Getting linking theory with reality is invaluable and knowledge and contacts to be linked during practice, you benefit from later. Studying here also means many trips out on the exciting businesses and industries as well as courses with a strong connection to the real processes. I have very useful as a professional because I have a basic knowledge of most processes that may be mentioned.

Then I remember of course a lot of other things that I really appreciate about life as a student, such as the Community of the class when we help each other with difficult math problem, all coffee breaks at STUK, hours in the computer lab, fun after-school dinners, house parties, matlådelagning and sweaty workout. ..

If you would give todays prospective students some advice. What would you share?

Dare to take the plunge and start studying! University Time is something very special and even if you do not choose right from the beginning there are always opportunities to change and change program. Dare to try new things, there's plenty to do on campus and it is a quick way to meet new people. And do not be afraid to move, I did and got friends for life at once.