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SIRIUS course 2020

Smart student ideas in this year's SIRIUS-course

Published: 9 December 2020

An intelligent hood for testing chainsaws, a positioning system in mining trucks, a proposal to upgrade the driveline in off-road vehicles, a smart idea for coolant controls for drilling equipment and a dynamic charging system for autonomous electric trucks. It is simply expressed what the students in the SIRIUS course at Luleå University of Technology worked with.

Sirius 2020 is an advanced course in product development where students at Luleå University of Technology can work on sharp projects in close collaboration with the companies BAE Systems Hägglunds, Husqvarna, Boliden, AB Sandvik Coromant and Volvo Construction Equipment. The Sirius course is the end, the last three quarters, of the master's program in mechanical engineering, at Luleå University of Technology.

One of the student groups in the SIRIUS course has helped the chainsaw manufacturer Husqvarna to develop and design an advanced clutch protection. It can be mounted on the company's chainsaws and contains sensors and electronics that can provide answers to how the saw works. Among other things, it can measure friction, temperature and acceleration and become a good tool for the product developers at the company.

- The SIRIUS project is a source for developing new ideas for solutions, where we get help from students to think outside the box. In addition, we are inspired to work together with motivated students and follow their work towards our goals, says Hans-Åke Sundberg, Husqvarna Group.

Another student group has, on behalf of Volvo Construction Equipment, further developed one of the company's electric and automatic trucks called the HX, which is 10 times more energy efficient than conventional alternatives. Among other things, the students have developed a proposal for a dynamic charging system that is compatible with the company's HX concept.

Mining vehicles is another area where one of the student groups in the SIRIUS course has been commissioned by Boliden and developed proposals for a positioning system to help truck drivers.

BAE Systems Hägglunds in Örnsköldsvik with its 1000 employees is part of SIRIUS for the fourth year in a row. The students who have worked on that project have continued to develop driveline and cooling systems in the company's off-road vehicle BEOWULF with a focus on the vehicle being able to withstand extreme conditions.

For AB Sandvik Coromant, another student group in the SIRIUS course has developed two different solutions in the form of two prototypes for one of the company's products. A smart idea to regulate the flow of coolant evenly between two coolant flows and which is ecologically, economically and socially sustainable.

Magnus Karlberg

Magnus Karlberg, Professor

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